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Advanced Smapp Configuration

While running Smapp, you should see two config files in the Smapp data directory (by default, $HOME/.config/Spacemesh on Linux):

> ls -1 ~/.config/Spacemesh/node-config.*

The second file, the one called node-config.json, is the default network config and should not be touched. (It should match the config available via the discovery service, see below.) The first file, the one called node-config.7c8cef2b.json, is your local copy of the config. (7c8cef2b is the genesis ID of the mainnet network. Config files for other networks will have different names.) You can modify this file if you first exit Smapp. Save your changes and open Smapp again to read them.

Note: use caution when modifying the config! This config file must currently maintain its structure. If you update, e.g., the subkey of an object, it'll overwrite the entire object, not append it onto the main network config. See Merge node config and custom config deeply for more information.