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System Requirements

Spacemesh Mainnet System Requirements

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for running a node:

  • CPU: Intel or AMD x86-64 or 64-bit ARM, including Apple Silicon (but not Raspberry Pi) Memory: 8GiB+
  • OS: Windows 10/11, MacOS, Ubuntu 22.04+ or Fedora 36+
  • Disk: 100GiB of free disk space
  • An always-on, unmetered Internet connection capable of 5 mbps download and 1 mbps upload

To run Smapp:

  • Visual C++ runtime must be installed

For smeshing in addition to running a node:

  • CPU support for AES-NI
  • 256GiB of free disk space for PoST files
  • Any GPU with OpenCL support
  • A hard drive that can sustain at least 100MB/s of sequential read
  • A multi-core CPU from the last 8 years

The Spacemesh App is an Electron App. It is supported on any Linux distribution that supports Electron apps.

Supported Processors for proof of space setup

You can create proof of space data using your computer's integrated graphics card, a discrete graphics card, or your computer's main CPU. The following processors are supported:

  • A modern Intel or AMD x86-64 cpu.
  • A GPU and drivers with OpenCL support, such as a modern Nvidia, AMD, Apple M*, and Intel GPUs.
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX
  • Nvidia Datacenter GPUs - A100, H100, A series, L series etc.
  • AMD Radeon GPUs
  • Apple M* GPUs
  • Intel UHD Graphics
  • Intel Iris Xe GPUs

Operational Notes

CPU Usage

As long as your system and configuration meets the recommended requirements, ongoing utilization of your CPU by the Spacemesh App should be limited during normal operation (after the initial setup phase) to 2 CPU cores.

Network Configuration

Your network should allow the App to accept incoming connections on UDP port 7153 and on TCP port 7153 and your computer firewall should not block incoming UDP and TPC packets on this port. The App attempts to automatically configure your network using UPnP. In some cases you may need to configure your router and firewall manually. Follow this guide to configure your network.

Laptop Usage

You can install the App, run a Smesher and produce blocks on your laptop if it meets the minimum system requirements. However, you will need to make sure you leave your laptop open and connected to power and to the Internet 24/7.

Occasionally shutting down your laptop or the App may prevent you from Smeshing blocks and from earning Smeshing rewards.

Spacemesh Full Node System Requirements

Following are the requirements for running the a Spacemesh 0.2 full node without running the Spacemesh App. We recommend this setup to technical users who are comfortable with the command line.

With this setup, your computer will be dedicated to running the Spacemesh full node and will not be used for running other interactive apps.

  • A computer with a modern Intel, an AMD CPU (2 cores / 4 native threads) or an Apple M* CPU.
  • OS: Windows 10/11, macOS, Ubuntu 22.04, Fedora 36.
  • 10 GB RAM.
  • 300 GiB free disk space (HDD or SSD).
  • One of the supported processors for proof of space setup.
  • An always-on, unmetered Internet connection capable of 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload.

About Proof of Space Data

You only need to setup proof of space data once to smesh for an unlimited period of time. The larger your proof of space data is, the higher your smeshing rewards will be.

You can use any magnetic hard drive (HDD) or SSD drive for storing proof of space data. There is no significant advantage in using an SSD over HDD.

You do not need to have temporary disk space larger than your final proof of space data. Creating proof of space data on more than one volume is not yet supported.